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September 2021 SHIZEN News

Updated: Sep 7, 2021


Each moment of the year has it's own beauty.- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Willpower is nothing but willingness to do. -BKS Iyengar

The sounds of crickets at night signal the coming end of summer vacations and a ready return to regular schedules. Routine develops discipline and offers consistency even as circumstances of the pandemic remain fluid around us. Yoga is an important part of routine. Like keeping your eye on the center point of a spinning wheel to avoid vertigo, practicing yoga is a foothold to stay centered during the movement of the times and sets the tone for our daily activities.


Iyengar Yoga With Gabriella Giubilaro!

Gabriella resumes her weekly online class from Sept 7th!! Class package and single class options are available. (English only.) Class Registration and details.


September Online Classes with Dominica | 9月のオンラインクラス

Mondays | 月曜日

AM Yoga 7:30a (45min)

PM Yoga 18:00 1hr *single class available

火曜日| Tuesdays

ハタヨガレベル2 9:00 (90分)|Hatha Level 2 9:00 (90min)

Iyengar Yoga with Gabriella Giubilaro 15:30 (90min)


AM Yoga 7:30a 45min

ハタヨガレベル2 9:00 (90分) | Hatha Level 2 9:00 (90min)*single class available

中・上級15:00 (90分) Int|Adv 15:00 (90min) *single class available


中級8:30 (2時間)| Intermediate 8:30 (2hr)

Studio Classes (90 min)

At Yoga Studio in Kichijoji

Monday 9:00 Int/B2 |中・B2  月曜日

Tuesday 11:30 Basic 2|ベーシック2 火曜日

Friday 17:30 All Level|全レベル 金曜日

Saturday 15:00|中・B2 土曜日

Saturday 17:00|ヨガベーシックス 土曜日 Yoga Tree in Hiroo

Monday 13:00 (2hr) Interm/Adv

Saturday 12:00 Level 2・3 9/11th, 27th


"骨盤底ヨガレスリー ハワドインテンシブ


Leslie Howard Pelvic Floor Yoga Intensive

2021 Sept 17-23rd (5 Day package)


SHIZEN Workshops &Events | SHIZEN9月のワークショップとイベント

Sept 20th Monday 17:30-19:00 Refresh and Renew Yoga For 40+

Nagoya Workshop|名古屋ワークショップ

MySOUL8名古屋スタージオワークショップ 9月12日(日) は2022年目まで非常事態宣言のために延期催! MySOUL8 Nagoya Studio September 12, 2021 - workshop postponed

until 2022.

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