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Preparing for the New Year ahead. 13 day meditation and reflection practice .

Action and reflection is a reoccurring theme in yoga. To do a pose and observe the result and the effect of the action performed before taking the next action develops presence and conscious decision making. This can be applied in our approach to life as well. This past year has been an unprecedented one for all of us in many ways. The next 13 days is an opportunity to meditate each day and reflect on what we have done and the result and effects those actions have had on where we are now.

Pull out your mobile, schedule book and photos for 2020 and start by looking at the notes, appointments and events entered for January. Acknowledge the people, events, accomplishments, challenges or passages that occurred and your responses to them. Then sit quietly and reflect and meditate on them. Continue to do this each day for each month of the past year. On the final day consider the flavor, content, and experiences overall of the past year and the process that brought you to where you are now. Action and reflection will provide the insight needed to move forward into the new year with clearer direction and intention.

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