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Invocation to Patanjali

The invocation to Patanjali is chanted at the beginning of class in the Iyengar Yoga tradition. Here is a copy of the invocation in English and Japanese. You can also hear the invocation chanted in the links below to learn and practice with.

yogena cittasya padena vācāṁ

malaṁ śarīrasya ca vaidyakena

yo’pākarottaṁ pravaraṁ munīnāṁ

patañjaliṁ prāñjalirānato’smi

ābāhu puruṣākāraṁ

śaṅkha cakrāsi dhāriṇam

sahasra śirasaṁ śvetaṁ

praṇamāmi patañjalim

hariḥ OM

ヨーゲーナ チッタシヤ パデーナ ヴァーチャーム

マラム シャリーラッシヤ チャ ヴァイッディヤケーナ

ヨーパーカロッタム プラヴァラム ムニーナーム

パタンジャリム プラーンジャリラーナトースミ

アーバーフ プルシャーカーラム

シャンカ チャックラーシ ダーリナム

サハッスラ シラサム シュヴェータム

プラナマーミ パタンジャリム


The meaning of the invocation:

To the noblest of sages, Patanjali, who gave us yoga for serenity of mind, grammar for purity of speech and medicine for the perfection of the body, I salute. I salute before Patanjali whose upper body has a human form, whose arms hold a conch, and disc and a sword, who is crowned by a thousand headed cobra. Oh incarnation of Adisesa my humble salutations to thee.

This link is of BKS Iyengar chanting the inovcation.

This is a useful link for pronunciation and to practice correct intonation with.

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