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Gabriella Giubilaro Iyengar Yoga Workshop September 21st (Sat) to 23rd (Mon) 3 Days

Updated: Jul 1

Gabriella Giubilaro Iyengar Yoga Workshop: Penetrating the Heart of the Practice

Date: September 21st (Sat) to 23rd (Mon) 3 Days

Place: 貸し会議室のThree Eight Nine MITAKA 4min from Mitaka Station

Time: 9:30-16:15 (incl. 75 min break)

Content: Pranayama, Asana, Q&A

With her extensive experience and deep understanding of the Iyengar tradition, Gabriella will skillfully lead participants through a transformative yoga workshop aimed at cultivating strength, clarity and mindfulness.

*Participant Level: 4 years or more of Iyengar Yoga or alignment based yoga study and practice, including experience with Shoulder balance and Headstand (wall can be used)

Each participant must bring their own yoga props:

Yoga mat, 2 blocks, 1 belt, as many blankets as you need for shoulder stand.

(Props can be kept at the venue once the workshop begins and must be taken home once the workshop is completed.) ¥48,00 3 Day Package Workshop Registration Click Here ¥18,000 Single Day Workshop Registration Click Here


Gabriella is widely known for her dynamic teaching, her good humor, her attention to individual needs and the clarity of her presentation. She believes in communicating the essence of the yoga postures through simple, but meaningful explanations that help her students discover the intelligence of their own bodies, challenging the students so that they can experience their maximum potential.

Gabriella began her Yoga practice in 1973 in Florence, Italy. After Receiving her Doctorate in physics at the University, Gabriella decided to dedicate her life to Yoga in the tradition of B.K.S.Iyengar. She has been studying with the Iyengars yearly since 1983. She holds an Junior Advanced certificate in this method. Since '87 she has been teaching at her own Studio in Florence as well as workshops in Europe and the States.

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