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August News and Updates 2021

SHIZEN Yoga Summer Holiday August 22 to Sept 2- there will be no studio classes with Dominica during this time. Those registered for August online class packages will have special access to prior class recordings to practice with during the break.

Use your body to access your mind. -Abhijata Iyengar

As the pandemic continues we can stay calm via our practice using our body to access our mind and create a centered calm state to act intelligently and objectively.

Lock downs, social distance, and vaccinations have all contributed to how we are practicing and studying yoga now. The reality is that the pandemic will continue to keep life going inward and outward in response to circumstances over the next 3 to 5 years. Maintaining a constant yoga practice during fluidity is easier than ever before with a variety of study options.

Online Classes -

Online classes are convenient and save on travel time and cost. You can join online classes from anywhere at home or your office.

My online classes via zoom are in real time. In addition to leading the practice and demonstrating, I also observe students to offer verbal corrections and offer the personal attention needed to improve your practice. This style makes you accountable and gives you a studio class experience in your own home.

Committing to a class time and a regular practice is important in yoga as in any study. It enables you to become familiar with the poses as you develop a relationship with your body, your mind and your inner observer through your practice. It also enables me to become familiar with your needs and to better address them in class to help your progress.

The class recording is sent to you to review and practice again during the week.

Online Workshops-

More than ever we can now access teachers from all over the world in the comfort of our own home and without the travel expense! Online learning has opened our repertoire of learning options!

Yoga for Your Feet with Leslie Howard

August 11th Wed 9:30-11:30 Details and Registration here.

Online Cons: Zoom classes can be difficult for those new to yoga and not familiar with their body or the poses. Finding a large enough space for your mat with a camera view to practice may be a challenge but with patience and inventiveness many students have created small personal yoga spaces that work quiet well. Unstable internet connections occasionally happen at times of high traffic use. The class recording is an insurance for this.

Studio classes -

A studio class has everything, props, space, live interaction with instructors and social interaction. If you are new to yoga or have little experience, studio classes are the best choice. You can orientate yourself with your body, the poses, and establish good habits of practice from the beginning. Once established you can transfer to or add online learning easily.

Physical proximity to and interaction with your teacher, the props and the environment of a class remains a physical, mental and spiritual benefit for any level student.

Studio Class Cons: travel time to and from your favorite studio may make it less likely to attend a class as often as you would like. Class numbers are still restricted in accordance with social distancing regulations and popular class times sometimes fill quickly. You are required to wear a mask during class which can be difficult as temperatures increase along with the activity of class. As vaccination rates increase class circumstances may also change.

Zoom Recordings-

These are the unsung heroes of learning options born from the pandemic. Recordings of a workshops and classes enable you to access a class or workshop even if you were not available to participate live in real time due to time difference or schedule conflict. There are many students who purchase classes only for the recording. Recordings suit busy schedules and enables on demand practice or study at your time convenience.

Recording Con:requires some knowledge of yoga and a discipline and commitment to practice.

Fortunately we have options that help us to adapt to the fluidity of our circumstances. I look forward to seeing you in class.

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