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Yoga for Thyroid Health Sequence|甲状腺のためのヨガ

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

It seems more students have been bringing hypo, hyper and weak thyroid conditions to my attention so I am posting this sequence from the special class last Saturday for thyroid health.

This yoga sequence is to promote hyper and hypo thyroid health by stimulating the thyroid as much as possible by keeping the chin far away from the chest when the head is back and as close as possible to the chest when it is forward without hardness or tension.

Yoga is a complimentary practice in addition to any medicine or kanpo your doctor has prescribed. Lowering your stress and the right diet also can contribute significantly to improved thyroid health.

As these poses are supported they can be held from 3 min to 10 min as is comfortable.

In the back bending postures above where the head is released back, there is a wide space between the chin and chest as much as possible without tension. The side and upper chest are well lifted to open the front of the neck and bottom throat.

In forward bending postures the back of the scalp lengthens forward and the back of the neck is long. The top of the forehead rests on the support, shoulders down from the ears. The chest lifts forward towards the face and the face releases down towards the chest.

In poses where the chin is near the chest, do not push the chin into the chest but rather lift the chest more towards the chin. Keep eyes quiet, throat relaxed and mind present. Be sure to conclude with savasana consciously observing and releasing your body and surrendering to your breath to help yourself relax deeper mentally and physically.

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