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SHIZEN Yoga February News 2024年2月

Updated: Feb 6

Returning from India I am full of the realizations, affirmations and informative teachings of the past month. One particularly profound experience was to be among a harmonious group of individuals from all over the world that executed simple living and higher thinking. A variety of ages, countries, education, and economic backgrounds merged into a respectful loving community with new groups coming in and out throughout the month long program. Being India, schedules run late, go overtime or get canceled but in every circumstance there was just respectful thoughtful treatment of one another no matter the circumstance.

It didn't just happen of course. It was the result of each of us making a commitment to ourselves to implement the pillars of bhakti character during our stay. They were:

Tolerance- of situations, circumstances and people. Not complaining,

Take No Offense- release the resentment your mind creates and the negative assumptions or stories it tends towards.

Be Quick to Apologize- we all make mistakes, and admitting it helps us and others to learn and move forward.

See the Good in People- its easy to see the fault in others and not in ourselves, Point your minds attention to the good in someone (and let them know it).

Be Grateful- and keep a tally each day

At first glance it seemed hopeful at best, but when everyone is working on them what a noticeable difference in how we present ourselves in life and the effect that presence has on those around us. I look forward to continuing to implement these on my return. (Best souvenir ever!!) and too seeing you all again in the studio or on line soon. -



Online Class Schedule

These classes provide informative instruction and personal attention in a live class environment in your own home. Class recordings are included. Monthly or single classes available. Reservations can be made from the online class page  

February Online Classes

AM Yoga All Level Tue & Fri 7:30a (45min) Jan 30th start

Hatha Tue Level 1*2 9:00a (60min) , Jan 30th start

Hatha Fri Level 2 9:00a (90 min)

Intermediate Sat 8:30a (120 min)

Iyengar Yoga with Gabriella Tue 15:30 (60min) Register here! Feb 20th start


これらのクラスは、ご自宅でのライブクラス環境で、情報満載の指導と個人的な注意を提供します。 録画が含まれています。単発クラス、月次クラスの購入が可能です。

朝ヨガオールレベル 火、金 07:30 (45分)

ハタヨガレーベル1・2 火 09:00 (60分)

ハタヨガレーベル2 金 09:00 (90分)

土 中級 08:30 (120分)



At Yoga  classes with Dominica

Sunday 09:30 Intermediate | 日曜日9:00 中級

Sunday 11:00 Level 1 & 2 | 日曜日11:00全レベル 1&2

Monday 9:00 Intermediate | 月曜日9:00 中級

Tuesday 11:00 Level 2 | 火曜日9:00 

Friday 18:30 All Level |金曜日 18:00 全レベル

February Special Classes 2月12日(月) 9:00-11:00 ドミニカ先生@タダァサナからシャバーシャナへ

Feb 12th Monday 9:00-11:00 Tadasana to Savasana 2024 Challenge 

2月17日(土) 17:30-19:00 bhakti yoga: free your heart 全レベル

Feb 17th Sat 17:30-19:00 Bhakti yoga: free your heart All Level

2月23日(金)15:00 - 17:00ドミニカ先生&アレシア先生Yoga Healings

February 23 (Fri) 15:00 - 17:00 Dominica& Alessia Yoga Healings

Yoga, meditation and singing bowl vibrations!

website for details. | ウェブサイトをご覧くださいemail if any questions in English


Saturday Level 2 12:00-13:30

Monday Intermediate 2hr 13:00-15:00

Special Class

Feb 12th (Mon) 14:00ー16:00 Yoga for internal organs

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Jan 25

Welcome back home, Dominica! I can’t wait your class and Omiyage-stories.

Jan 25
Replying to

I return on Monday! 🤗Looking forward to seeing you Hiroko-san.

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