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Menopause -A Hot Topic

Menopause- it creeps up and taps you on the shoulder. Something is different. YOU feel different, and you are starting to change in a new way. Emotionally, mentally, physically. You can't put your finger on it exactly but it is there. And the most tangible symptom you have is that your menstruation cycle is changing: in duration and/or frequency. But your view of things is changing too. You are no longer simply satisfied and mentally agitated or in a fog more often than not.

Then one day menstruation packs its bag and leaves entirely and things start heating up. Literally. That's how I began menopause and change has becomes the new constant. I have gradually gained weight which I am told is my body storing up things now that it will need but not be able to produce in the years ahead. As the hormones continue to adjust and sputter out, my skin has become noticeably dryer, wrinkles suddenly showed up and hot flashes set up shop. Night time sleep is there, and sometimes it is not.

But there are some up sides too. I feel more confident in who I am and what I know. Am I beautiful? You bet! Not in a yoga mat advertisement scantly clad young lady doing pigeon pose kind of way. My confidence comes from within. I am compassionate, intelligent, funny and a great cook. I can fix, build, create, teach and learn things better than ever before. I also trust my own opinion about myself over that of others.

Menopause is not something that you get through in a hurry. It has been going on for several years now. It sticks around to escort you through the fifties apparently. It is happening to women everywhere. We are isolated in our experience by the lack of information and communication with other women from the stigma women have about aging. In reality I think we not only want to, but need to communicate, discuss and learn more openly about menopause. For this reason I have invited Leslie Howard and Dr. Deb to present their 3hr Yoga and the Physiology of Menopause Workshop on Dec 5th with Japanese translation to get a detailed scoop on what will, has happened or is happening and what can be done to make this time easier. See the Workshop & Event Page for details and registration.

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