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May 2022 News

Yoga begins with mental preparation and continues with physical exploration.

People see yoga as a physical practice but even more so it is intended as a mental one.

The practice of yoga is given in 8 steps by the Sage Patanajli in the Yoga Sutras. Yoga begins with Yamas and Niyamas as the first and second steps in the practice. The yamas and niyamas set the tone of practice and provide the rules and guidelines to follow to ensure the practice of yoga is fruitful. These first steps are presented to prepare us mentally for the challenges of the following steps. Like the other limbs they are intended for repeated and continuous practice. The study and application of the yamas and niyamas help to mature our understanding of the 8 limbs of yoga, of our interactions with the surrounding world, and the nature of ourselves.


SHIZEN Yoga May|June Online Yoga Classes

Courses(2months) and Monthly Packages now posted. New Single Class participation also available. See Online Class page for details and registration.

Iyengar Yoga with Gabriella Spring Course May|June

Yoga for the Mind- Tuesdays 17:30-18:30 May 10,24 June 7,21 see details | 火曜日 17:30-18:30 5月10,24日6月 7,21日


Dominica's May Special Studio Classes |5月の特別のスタジオクラス

Yoga Tree Hiroo

Yoga Beyond Asana: Niyamas May 14th Sat 13:45- 15:00

At Yoga Studio Kichijoji

Yoga Moment to Moment 1/2 day Yoga retreat. May 3rd 9:30-13:00

アーサナと座学、瞑想を交えた半日ヨガリトリー ト

5月3日9 9:30-13:00

Yoga for Teens 16:00-16:40 May 7th Saturday - A short program for busy teens.12yrs-15yrs

十代の若者たちのためのヨガ 16:00-16:40 5月 7日


Better Balancing Basics 15:00-16:30 May 21st Sat

バランスポーズの基礎 15:00-16:30 5月21日(土)

Intermediate Sunday 9:00-10:30 May 29th

中級 9:00-10:30 5月29日(日)


Wellness & Yoga Retreat with Yuko Sugeta and Dominica Serigano

June 3(Fri)-5(Sun) in Shimoda, Izu

This 3-day retreat centers on health, happiness and learning to view ourselves holistically. In several sessions beginning late Friday afternoon, we will study our anatomy, both from eastern and western perspectives, and practice yoga, including asana, restoratives and pranayama.

Yuko Sugeta will teach about the 12 meridians of the body and self-massage techniques that you can do to target acupoints. We will also learn about the connective tissue of the body and its role in eastern anatomy. Centering on the energetic body, eastern anatomy is functional and integrative. Western anatomy is organic and physical.

Dominica will teach the yoga classes as yoga practices affect both the physical and energetic bodies. We will explore how to integrate this understanding to experience more holistic lives.

The weekend is designed to be both educational and rejuvenating. In addition to learning eastern anatomy and yoga practices, you can enjoy the onsen at the Shimoda View Hotel, the surrounding nature, connect or reconnect with people that share a passion for healthy living, and renew your commitment to learning ways to maintain wellness for yourself and the ones you love. For details see webpage.

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