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Yoga Props : Yoga Chair Part 1

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

There are many kinds of yoga props. One of the most difficult to obtain in Japan seems to be a chair for yoga.

A simple dinning room chair is sufficient enough in the beginning for basic adaptions in yoga like standing poses and downward dog but if you are a regular and experienced practitioner, a yoga chair is a good investment. A yoga chair has the back open so that you can put your legs and pelvis through the back and lie down on the seat of the chair. It folds up to be easily put away and the size and sturdiness enables an expanded repertoire of poses with the additional benefits of longer holds and better alignment.

When shopping for chairs I would consider size. The seat should not be too low (less than 43cm) to the ground. Be sure the support cross bars on the chair legs are not too low so that you can put your head under for halasana and your arms under easily in chair shoulder stand. It should be sturdy enough to support your whole body weight easily in different positions.

With the popularity of online yoga creating a larger demand it seems a few more sources for a yoga chair have become available and more affordable. (If you know of any not listed here please let me know so I can update the information on this page.)

I have not purchased any of these chairs personally, but have heard positive reports from several students who have. As such this is not a personal endorsement from me on any specific chair, just some possible options for those who are looking for one.

NEW!! (recommended by InekoYoga Studio )

Support small business- very affordable for steel chair! Iyengar Yoga Steel Chair ¥7,700 (including tax delivery) with back extension(not pictured here) ¥11,000

These below are on

1) Metal Yoga chair (cushion less seat)

2) Cushioned Seat Yoga Chair

(This chair seat is 45cm high which seems a little better than the 43cm high of the other chairs.)

3)Cushioned Seat Yoga Chair option 2

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