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Year End News for 2023

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

What a year it has been. 2023 was a year of exploration, reflection, learning and growth. I am grateful for all the dedicated students open to my teachings to influence their practice and own personal growth. Quality students inspire quality teaching. I am grateful for the studio owners who provide the space for our learning and teaching and to my teachers who are the source for my own learning and understanding. They set the high standards to inspire me.

I started 2023 with a trip to India in January to set the tone of the year exploring myself and getting comfortable with discomfort and the unknown. I have been enjoying updating myself by cleaning out my emotional closets and downloading better information and relevant applications to help me be where I am wanting to be in life. Spiritual investment has been a game changer for me.

It has worked so well I am once again heading off to India January 2nd to January 29th to enjoy more deep reflections and self discoveries at the Govardhan Ecovillage in Maharashtra . Continuing to explore new realms, I will be learning kirtan this year in addition to more vedic and bhakti studies. This time also is a re-commitment and upgrading of my personal yoga practice which is the source of all my teaching.

I love the discipline that an ashram like environment enables for me to easily follow prescribed yoga austerities and practices without distraction. It is my personal reset button and a spiritual download welcome all the possibilities and changes coming for me in the year ahead.

Since I will not be teaching online during January I will conclude this year with 3 special one hour Yoga Classes. These classes recordings will be available for the month of January 2024 regardless of participation.

They are

Dec 29th, Standing poses and chest opening

Dec 30th, Psoas and Hip focus

Dec 31st Restoratives and Pranayama

For details and registration see Online Single Classes here.

Regular online and studio class final dates are Mond Dec 25th 9:00 Intermediate -At Yoga 13:00 Intermediate- Yoga Tree Tue Dec 26th 7:15 AM Yoga Online 9:00 Hatha Tue All Level Online 11:00 Basic 2- At Yoga Fri Dec 29th

16:00 Refresh and Reflect-At Yoga

Thank you all for a wonderful year and happy holidays!

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