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SHIZEN Yoga November 2021 News

Covid numbers are low and work and social activities are resuming. The past year presented opportunity for reflection, life changes and a better living strategy for many of us. Pushed out of our comfort zone we faced our fears of the unknown and made the difficult changes that could improve our lives for the better. As restrictions are removed and a more active life is resumes, lets remain vigilant in being present, acting consciously, and moving bravely forward in new ways towards a brighter future.


Online Classes with Dominica | ドミニカのオンラインクラス

NOV|DEC Courses now posted. For November class package request please email . Single Drop in Class available for some courses. See Online Class Page


Iyengar Yoga Online With Gabriella Giubilaro

NOV|DEC Course with Gabriella Giubilaro!

Course package starts Nov 9th. Single class options available. (English only.) Class Registration and details.


Studio Series Classes

Monday 9:00 Intermediate|Basic 2 Nov 1st Start

Tuesday 11:30 Basic 2|ベーシック2 火曜日. Nov 2nd start

These 90min series classes are held at At Yoga Studio in Kichijoji. New students are welcome. To register in English 日本語

See Studio Class Page for complete open class schedule at Yoga Tree and At Yoga


Online Workshop |オンラインワークショップ

Yoga and the Physiology of Menopause
with Leslie Howard and Dr Deborah Feltman
Sunday Dec 5th 9:00-12:00
See Workshop & Events Page for details and registration


レスリー・ハワード|Dr. デボラ・フェルトマン

12月5日  9:00-12:00


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