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Older or Just Old?

Like BKS Iyengar, Ramanand Patel, Gabriella Giubillaro, Patricia Walden, and many others are practicing and teaching some of their most informative yoga in their "senior" years. So why is it that other people of similar age who do not do yoga are so....OLD and less productive? As I myself begin the shift toward the 60+ generation, I want to know more about aging. Like menopause, aging is not a loud scream- it is a gentle whisper. It happens gradually but you notice it suddenly. Some people are aging better than others. Some people are simply ageless. How do we age and what can we do to get BETTER with age and not worse. Different choices have different results. So what swings the pendulum in our favor? The Vibrant Age Workshop with Leslie Howard & Dr Deborah Feltman will teach the science behind aging and how and what yoga can do to contribute to living a quality life and not just a long life. Recording is included for 10 days. For details and registration see WORKSHOP Page .

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