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Monks Food

Choosing a vegetarian lifestyle isn't as difficult as you think. It is slowly getting easier with more mainstream options becoming available like Curry Cocoban, Mos Burger, and Soup Stalk Tokyo which I will speak about in another blog entry.

As for privately owned vegetarian restaurant options in Kichijoji, they do exist albeit few in number especially during Covid. One of the mainstays in Kichijoji remains Monks Food which is still open and going strong. I have been a regular here for over 18 years and it never disappoints. It offers a simple traditional Japanese home cooked vegetarian set meal. There are only 3 set meals to choose from- one vegetarian, one fish, one chicken, making it a great option for a mixed group of culinary preferences dining out together. There are also options on types of rice and serving sizes offered. Besides the tasty food, good jazz background music and a chi-lax atmosphere, it is long established and less crowded making it a regular destination for local vegetarians like myself.

Location-〒180-0005 Tokyo-to Musashino-shi, Gotenyama Ichome, 2-4

Website (Japanese only)

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