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July News 2023年7月ニューズ

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

To be the person I want to be, I have to try to be the person I want to be.- Dayal Gauranga

Summer is here! Humid heat, family visits, irregular schedules, travel mishaps and other circumstances are prime triggers for our lower nature responses like anger,envy, impatience, arrogance and greed. Begin now to cultivate and strengthen our higher nature qualities of patience, kindness, gratitude, and tolerance to deny the lower qualities space to surface when triggered. Lower nature responses may still rise, but not to the top, resulting in better summer experiences and memories for everyone.


July Workshops 7月ワークショップ

ドミニカ芹ヶ野 北海道ワークショップ@ピースパワーヨガスタジオ 7月21日-23日



July Online Class|オンラインクラス

These classes provide Informative instruction and personal attention in a live class environment in your own home. Recordings are included. Single Class or Monthly classes purchase is available.

July Online Classes are in Monthly and Single Class purchase only

Registration open from Online Classes Page


7:30a All Level Tue & Fri (45min)

9:00a Basic 1&2 Tue (60min)

3:30p Tue Intermediate (60min)

9:00a Basic 2 Fri (90 min)

8:30a Sat Intermediate (120 min)

15:30 Tue Intermediate (90min)

これらのクラスは、ご自宅でのライブクラス環境で、情報満載の指導と個人的な注意を提供します。 録画が含まれています。単発クラス、月次クラスの購入が可能です。


7:30a オールレベル 火、金 (45分)

9:00a 基礎1・2 火 (60分)

3:30p 火 中級 (60分)

9:00a ベーシック2 金 (90分)

8:30a 土 中級 (120分)

15:30 (90min) 火 中|上 (90分)


JULY Studio Special Classes


Saturday June 15th Special Class 17:30(120min)Yoga For Depression Level 2 7月15日17:30 (120分)うつ病のためのヨガ レベル2

Monday June 17th Special Class Summer Splash 9:00(120min) Level 2 7月17日9:00 (120分)夏の特別なシークエンス レベル2


7/17 (Mon) 13:00 - 15:00 (¥4,000)Summer Refresh Yoga (E/J)

7/29(Sat) 13:45-5:00 Yoga Beyond Asana Dominica E with Japanese translation by Miho

7/17 (月・祝) 13:00 - 15:00 (4,000円)夏のリフレッシュ・ヨガ (E/J) 先生

7月29日13:45(土)アーサナの先にあるヨガ オンライン予約

July Studio Classes-

Full July studio class schedules here :


Yoga for the Mind

July 11,18,25 -July 4th no class.

This is an online free class open to any student who attends my studio or online classes.

Class format alternates between 1) restoratives and pranayama followed by sitting. 2) Yogic philosophy discussion followed by sitting.

(Sitting times are 20-30 min long.)

English with Japanese translation.

New participants must sign up for the class once through zoom: click hereto receive the link .

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