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SHIZEN Yoga Summer August 2022年 8月SHIZEN ヨガ夏

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

SHIZEN Yoga with Dominica online and studio classes are suspended for the month of August. This is a great opportunity to deepen and expand in your self practice. There are some wonderful resources I have suggested below that you might find helpful. Please check them out! I encourage you to take yoga beyond an asana practice on the mat. Pranayama, meditation, study of sacred scriptures, and applying the principles from yoga teachings we learn into our daily interactions are the deeper practices that bring about a change in ourselves and stimulate change in the world around us.


SHIZEN Yoga News

September|October Online class registration is open for Course (2months) and Monthly registration. See Online Classes page.

Iyengar Yoga with Gabriella Giubilaro

Classes resume from Tuesday September 6! Register here

Upcoming Workshops-

Yoga for Digestion with Leslie Howard
Friday Sept. 23rd 9:00-11:00
Save the Date! Details here.

消化を助けるヨガ レスリーハワードワークショップ

9月23日(金) 9:00-11:00 予約ここ


Online Resources to Expand Your Personal Practice

Edwin Bryant- Vedanta, Bhakti Yoga, Sanskrit, Indian Phylosophy

A wealth of resources for self guided study- videos, online teachings, books etc. Edwin Bryant Webpage Iyengar Yoga National Association United States- Yoga Asana Resources

Becoming a member gives you a ton of useful extras including free download and access to pdf files, videos, resources and discounts for other resource purchases. Residency within the USA is not required.

Ramanand Patel Special Pranayama Class on youtube. Time with Ramanand and pranayama. A win, win opportunity!

Wisdom of the Sages Podcast

These are daily one hour teachings of the Srimad Bagavatam and all things yoga related. Raghunath and Kaustubha of the Krisna Consciousness lineage bring ancient teachings into reflection for modern living. A great way to start or end your day.

Wisdomeofthesages podcast Wisdom of the Sages webpage


Yoga Goods - Yogikuti Yoga Shorts I do not like the feel of leggings, especially in summer. Needing some new yoga shorts I ordered Yogikuti unisex shorts at the recommendation of a student.

The 5 colors package online was a great value (about $82.00+shipping). The website made it easy to select, order and pay. They arrived impressively quick AND the quality is better than I had expected. They also have other yoga goods. They are based in India. YOGIKUTI

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