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SHIZEN Yoga November News 11月ニューズ

Doing things to take us out of our comfort zone is important.

I am talking about the difficult things that take us into unknown and unfamiliar circumstances. Sometimes the Lord initiates this for us and at other times we need to initiate it for ourselves.

This is the case for me this month as I embark alone on a 2 week driving camp, held in Japanese, in Tochigi prefecture. Imagining that this will be way outside of my comfort zone, my minds initial reaction to this has already been a learning experience. It is also a reminder that the world is meant for challenges that enable us to apply and practice the principles of yoga that lead to new realizations and push us forward in our spiritual growth.

There will be no online or studio classes with me from 11/7 to 11/21. Those registered for online classes will have access to some past recordings to practice with during that time.


Online Classes November one month class option is available only for Iyengar Yoga with Gabriella. Course (2month) and Single online class options are now open for registration.

11月と12月のオンラインクラス 予約ここ


YOGA FOR THE MIND Online Free Class 17:30-18:30 Nov. 1st, 29th

11月1, 29日

For security, you must register for the class through zoom: click hereto receive the link . Once registered you can join any scheduled class as you are able. If you have any questions email


November Studio Classes AT YOGA STUDIO KICHIJOJI

11/3 (Thu) 15:00-17:00Yoga for Neck and Shoulders|11月3日15:00 (2時間) 首と肩のためのヨガ 11/23 (Wed.) 9:30-11:00 Natural Bhanda | 11月23日(水・祝) 9:00-11:00ナチュラル・バンダ

11/4,25 (Fri) 18:00-19:30 All Level |11月4,25 日(金) 18:00-19:30 全レーベル

11/6, 27 (Sun)9:00-10:30 Intermediate | 11月6,27日(日) 9:00-10:30中級 11/6 (Sun)11:00-12:30 Level 1&2| 11月6,27日(日) 11:00-12:30レベル1&2

11/28 Mon 15:00 (2hr) | 11月28日(月)中級15:00 -17:00 (E/J)

11/5 Sat 12:00 Level 3-4 |11月5日(土)12:00-13:30 レベル3&4

11/5 Sat 13:45 Yoga Beyond Asana | 11月5日 スタジオで アーサナの先にあるヨガオンライン もあります。

Yoga for Women Special 2.5hr class 11/26 12:00-14:30 11月26日 (土) 12:00 女性のためのヨガの特別クラス 予約して

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