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SHIZEN Yoga News May 2024年5月

Updated: May 1

It is far better to discharge one’s prescribed duties, even though faultily, than another’s duties perfectly. Destruction in the course of performing one’s own duty is better than engaging in another’s duties, for to follow another’s path is dangerous.

-Bhagavad Gita As It Is Chpt 3v35

There is a famous parable about 5 blind men trying to describe an elephant:an animal they have never encountered before. The first man touches the side and proclaims the animal to be like a wall. The second man touches the nose and claims it to be similar to a snake, the third holding the tail claims it to be like a rope. The fourth holds the ear and exclaims it to be like a fan and the fifth man holding the leg claims it to be as a tree. An argument soon ensues as each man insists his "view" is more correct than the others.

This material existence offers each of us a unique opportunity to contribute to the whole and to perceive the whole like no other being. Like the large elephant, the entirety world cannot be perceived by just one touch or by just one person. When we listen to and hear the experiences of other individuals around us, we can expand our knowledge about the complexities of our world while playing our unique role. Exposing ourselves to views different from our own can add new details for consideration and understanding of the larger picture. Observing our egos feelings, resistance to or fears to differing views contributes to our personal growth and can clarify our own position or understanding about them. We are all born unique with unique circumstances and karma and no one can travel another's path so we should not expect others to see what we see in the same way we see it. Life is a multitude of extraordinary and unique experiences being created through each individual. Each of us is created differently not by mistake but by perfection. Shifting our perspective from fear and exclusion to love and tolerance, we can embrace the differences in ourselves and develop acceptance of the differences of others.



Tuesday April 30

11:00 Basic 2 At Yoga Studio Kichijoji

Friday May 3rd

9:00 2hr Better Balance Basics  At Yoga Studio Kichijoji ¥4000

17:00 90min Restore & Refresh At Yoga Studio Kichijoji ¥3000 or Ticket

Saturday May 4th

13:00 2hr Progressing in Inversions Yoga Tree Hiroo ¥4000

17:30 90min Yoga Kunti- Yoga with Ropes AT Yoga Studio Kichijoji  ¥3000 or Ticket

Sunday May 5th

9:00 90min Intermediate  ¥3000 or Ticket

11:00 90min Basic 1&2  ¥3000 or Ticket

14:00 2hr Tadasana to Savasana Challenge Yoga Tree Hiroo ¥4000

Monday May 6th

9:00 All Level Class AT Yoga Studio Kichijoji ¥3000 or Ticket

13:00 2hr Winding Down- Inversions and Restorative refresh class. Yoga Tree Hiroo ¥4000

Regular Studio Class schedule see Studio Classes Page


May Online Classes listing and details

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Asana, Pranayama, hiking, meditation, kirtan, sangha extravaganza!

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