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SHIZEN Yoga News April 2024年4月

Updated: Apr 2

Awakening is not changing who you are, but discarding who you are not.- Deepak Chopra

Spring Cleaning time! I am downsizing and minimizing my things to move into a newer, smaller apartment next week. I am deep in the process of sorting through and letting go of old and new things around me that are without real purpose. Evaluating what I have to what I really need or actively enjoy is an interesting process. It is a little more emotionally involved than I had anticipated. Letting go is a vigilant questioning of my minds reasoning and encountering my attachments, my feelings, and little fears about not having something. I want the things I have to reflect who I am now and help me to live my life fully at this moment, What initially started with a sorting through and de-cluttering on the outside has become even more so on the inside. This removing of deterrents is a process of self discovery with the bonus of physical and mental space for new pursuits and continued growth.


Empowered Yoga Teaching Workshop

Dominica Serigano & Shelly Hayashi

DATE: APRIL 19th Friday 12:15-15:15

PLACE: At Yoga Studio


Connect with a knowledgeable teacher to inform your yoga practice as a student and to propel your progress forward as a teacher.

For yoga instructors who are preparing to teach, new to teaching, or needing to reignite their passion for teaching.

This program will include flow and alignment style practices

*1hour Instructors Practice to inspire and educate

* Troubleshooting and Q&A time 

* Refresher teaching skills & skill development

* Network with experienced teachers and other instructors

Taught in English.



Special Classes

Iyengar Yoga with Gabriella Tue 15:30 (90min) Register here! April/May


Studio Classes

Special Studio Classes

At Yoga

Spring Sequence Special April 13th (Sat) 17:00- 19:002hr ¥4000

Bhakti Yoga April 27th (Sat) 17:30-19:00 


GOLDEN WEEK Holiday SCHEDULE Monday April 29th

9:00 2hr Better Backbends At Yoga Studio Kichijoji 13:00 2hr Better Balancing Yoga Tree Studio Hiroo

Tuesday April 30 11:00 Basic 2 At Yoga Studio Kichijoji Friday May 3rd 9:00 2hr Better Balance Basics At Yoga Studio Kichijoji 17:00 90min Restore & Refresh At Yoga Studio Kichijoji

Saturday May 4th

13:00 2hr Progressing in Inversions Yoga Tree Hiroo

17:30 90min Yoga Kunti- Yoga with Ropes AT Yoga Studio Kichijoji Sunday May 5th 9:00 90min Intermediate

11:00 90min Basic 1&2 14:00 2hr Tadasana to Savasana Challenge Yoga Tree Hiroo Monday May 6th 9:00 All Level Class AT Yoga Studio Kichijoji 13:00 2hr Winding Down- Inversions and Restorative refesh class. Yoga Tree Hiroo


June 29& 30th Weekend SHIZEN Mitake Retreat Details Coming Soon!

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