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SHIZEN News December 2023 |12月ニュース

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Let us remember to hold space for the hope, the good, the progress of life among the change, the challenge and the difficulty of our time.-Moshe Gersht

paṇḍitāḥ sama-darśinaḥ — those who are wise see with equal vision...Bhagavad gita 5.18

The desire to be safe, to love and be loved, experience joy and express free will are fundamental desires within each and every living being. Every person is doing their best to fulfill these desires within the context of their mind and circumstances. The attitude and practice of sama-darśinaḥ — to see everyone and everything with equal vision can be simple. BE NICE. Be nice to your self. Be nice to every living being. All day long. Every Day. Every moment. Simply being NICE is a profound thing each of us can do to inspire our compassion, connection and selfless spirit. Happy Holidays!


Studio Yoga classes

At Yoga Studio REOPENS and classes resume Sunday December 10th!

At Yoga classes with Dominica Sunday 09:30 Intermediate | 日曜日9:00 中級

Sunday 11:00 All Level 日曜日11:00全レベル

Friday 18:30 All Level |金曜日 18:00 全レベル

Saturday Dec 16th Special Class Open Chest, Healthy Heart All Level~土曜日12月16日 17:00 - 18:30


This class will focus on postures to relieve tension in the shoulders and the upper chest areas to improve circulation and breathing.

Friday Dec 29th Special Class Refresh & Reflect- All Level~金曜 16:00-17:30


For this year end class let's enjoy asanas to refresh our body, pranayama to clear our mind, and quiet sitting to expand our spirit into the holidays.

website for details. | ウェブサイトをご覧ください email if any questions in English


Saturday Level 2 12:00-13:30 12/23 my last class of the year Monday Intermediate 2hr 13:00-15:00 12/25 my last class of the year



These classes provide informative instruction and personal attention in a live class environment in your own home. Includes recording. You can purchase monthly or single classes. Reservations can be made from the online class page

December 2023 Online Classes

AM Yoga All Level Tue & Fri 7:30a (45min)

Hatha Tue Level 1*2 9:00a (60min) ,

Hatha Fri Level 2 9:00a (90 min)

Intermediate Sat 8:30a (120 min)

Iyengar Yoga with Gabriella Tue 15:30 (60min) Register here! Dec 12th,19th


これらのクラスは、ご自宅でのライブクラス環境で、情報満載の指導と個人的な注意を提供します。 録画が含まれています。単発クラス、月次クラスの購入が可能です。

朝ヨガオールレベル 火、金 07:30 (45分)

ハタヨガレーベル1・2 火 09:00 (60分)

ハタヨガレーベル2 金 09:00 (90分)

土 中級 08:30 (120分)

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