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May News |5月のニュース

We take photos everywhere we go but often we don't capture the moment.-Radhanath Swami-

Our mind spends a lot of time chasing future moments or reflecting on the past moments as the gifts of present moments pass unrecieved. As modern technology and lifestyle easily divert our minds away from capturing the important messages and experiences each moment offers, 'Presence of mind' is an increasingly valuable byproduct of our yoga practices. Yoga strengthens our minds ability to remain in the present moment to observe, witness and process our personal and spiritual growth.


May Special Classes|5月の特別クラス


Friday May 5th Half Day Retreat (8 limbs in One Practice) All Level 9:00-12:30|

半日ヨガリトリート5月5日金曜日 9:00-12:30

The 8 limbs of ashtanga hatha yoga are presented as a package of 8 practices of which asana is the most popular practiced today. They are intended to be practiced together to address the daily challenges to good mental, physical and spiritual health. This half day retreat offers us the opportunity to learn more about the other 7 limbs, and how to incorporate their practices into our regular yoga and the more popular asana practice.


Saturday May 6th 13:45-5:00 Yoga Beyond Asana :Mantra Part 2: Exposing our False Ego (Ahankara) See website for details and studio registration. For online class and recording here. 5月6日13:45(土)アーサナの先にあるヨガ マントラ パート2: 偽の(間違って捉えている)エゴ(自我意識)を明らかにするオンライン予約

Monday May 8th 3:30 (60min) Asana: Deep Dive Teaching Skills ¥3000 | 5月8日(月) 15:30-16:30 テーチングスキルクラス(60分)¥3000

website for details. | ウェブサイトをご覧ください


Online Classes オンラインクラス

These classes are all available as Monthly or Single Class purchases from the Online Class page.

AM Yoga Tue and Fri 7:15 (45min) |朝ヨガ 火と金 7:15 (45分)  Hatha Tue 9:00 (60min) | ハタヨガ火曜日9:00 (60分) Iyengar Yoga With Gabriella Tue 15:30(90min)

Hatha Fri 9:00 (90min) | ハタヨガ金曜日9:00 (90分) Intermediate Sat 8:30(120min) |中級 土曜日8:30 (120分)


Studio Classes-

Regular May studio class schedules here :


June 2-4, 2023 Yoga Retreat: Exploring Our Connections with Dominica Serigano and Yuko Sugeta

ヨガリトリートin伊豆下田 2023年6月2〜4日コネクション=つながりへの探求ドミニカ芹ヶ野&菅田裕子

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