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March 2022 News |3月2022年ヌース

The sense of Self is universal, not the property of any particular creature or species. The same Self-sense through which we feel ourselves to exist can be found in all creatures. That Self-awareness unites us all- David Frawley

If you go deeply inward you will discover that we each offer our prayers at the same alter and receive our blessings from the same Source. What may first appear as "My" inner voice when going deeper one discovers it is "Our" Inner Source. There are not different consciousnesses - only one Consciousness expressing itself through different body|mind units. One is in all, and all of us express the One.


Yoga for the Mind: Meditation for Peace

March 1st Tuesday 17:30-18:30 ONLINE

All are welcome to join. To protect privacy you must register here in advance to join the meeting:After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with link to join the meeting.

Yoga Beyond Asana: (Yoga for the Mind) online community class. Please see here for details and schedule.


Online Classes

March Monthly Package, March|April Course、 and Single Class options are now posted on the Online Class Page.

NOTE: There will be no Monday 18:00 in March. I recommend registering for the AM Yoga Class and enjoying the 45 min recordings to practice at your convenience in the evening.


March Studio Series Classes|3月のスタージオシリーズクラス

Monday Intermediate 9:00-10:30 ( 3 Classes)|月曜日9:00-10:30 中級 ( 3 回)

Tuesday 11:30-13:00 Basic 2 ( 5 classes) |火曜日11:30-13:00べシク2 ( 5回)

Classes are taught in Japanese and English. 日本語と英語のクラス


March Studio Special Classes

At Yoga Kichijoji

March 20 Sun 13:30 (90min) Allergy Relief -Tickets okay!

reserve at At Yoga

March 21st Mon (Holiday) 9:00 -11:00 (120min) Building Your Lotus Safely - hip work for developing padmasana and its posture sequences.

reserve at At Yoga

March 26 Yoga for Healthy Thyroid Class -Sat 15:00 (90min)

reserve at At Yoga


Yoga Tree Hiroo

March 21st 15:30-16:45 Yoga Beyond Asana- 1 Question, 5 Kosas, and 8 Limbs of practice. Translation by Miho

Teaching Skills Development Class- March4,18 Details


WORKSHOP |ワークショップ 

2022年 3/31(木)-4/2(土) ドミニカ・芹ヶ野ワークショップ 3days”2/26(土)〜受付開始”ここです。福岡、九州 

March 31- April 2nd Yoga Studio Kura Workshop Dominica Serigano FUKUOKA KYUSHU

Space will is limited early registration recommended. Details about this workshop in Englsih are available by email at

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