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Gabriella Giubilaro Online Workshop -

It was such a pleasure to study again with Gabriella in a group of so many familiar faces. Her watchful eye and clear instruction conveyed online as in real life and her clear focus stimulated our tapas energy even online. Covering many basic points to refine and expose our weak points, the workshop was not just one of doing but of concentrating on maintaining correct actions in the steps into poses emphasizing the value in process.

The book Gabriella was referring to at the end discussion on the last day of the workshop was Goraksasatakam and is available via

Gabriella's next online workshop (English only) is Dec. 5th and 6th in Hampshire England time (19:00-21:30 Japan Time). For details and registration see the website

The recordings from the 11/27, 28,29 workshops will expire on Dec 6th. Thank you again for your support and I look forward to another workshop next year.

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