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Finding Your Root: Pelvic Floor Yoga & Energy Body 根源を見つける:ペルヴィックフロアー・ヨガとエネルギー体


Sun Jul 24, 2022 9:00 online workshop with Leslie Howard

Few teachers know the mudras or the chakras well enough to share it in their teaching. Leslie does. From many years of study and practice with Ramanand Patel in these areas she offers this special workshop to bring the mudras, breath and chakra work into an asana practice . Workshop recording access for 14 days

Yoga uses an energy management system called nadis. Yoga poses and breathing practices are practiced to build awareness of blockages or challenges of the nadis. After cultivating an awareness of the subtle body, one can then apply yoga poses and pranayama to effect change. read more

7月24日 9:00 レスリーハワードオンラインワークショップ


レコーディングは 14日間アクセス ワークショップページ


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