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April 2022 News! |4月2022年ニュース

Yoga enables the practitioners to evolve through their actions and experiences.-BKS Iyengar in Arogya Yoga

Yoga is accessible to anyone through the 8 limbs of practice presented by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras and by the abundance of teachings from devoted practitioners like BKS Iyengar and others. There is a wealth of information to read, watch, and listen to about yoga. Importantly however, it is only through the actual practice and experiencing of yoga that the understanding and benefits of yoga will blossom forth.


ONLINE Classes

April Monthly and Single Classes are now open for registration. see Online Class Page for details


Studio Class Updates

At Yoga Studio Kichijoji

April 1st Fri. 18:00 All Level and April 2nd 17:00 Yoga Basic Classes are Canceled.

APRIL Special Classes

Pelvic Freedom- Psoas and Groin Release Friday 15:00-17:00 (2hr) April 29th reserve at At Yoga

股関節と大腰筋にフォーカスしたヨガ4月29 日( 金)

15:00-17:00 (2時間) At Yoga

Arm Balance Basics Saturday 15:00-16:30 April 30

アームバランスの基礎15:00-16:30 4月30日(土)At Yoga

Yoga Tree Hiroo Saturday April 2nd 12:00-13:30, Monday April 4th 13:00-15:00 Classes Canceled.

Special Classes April 23rd 13:45- 15:00 Yoga Beyond Asana: Yama's in Daily living. Translation by Miho.


April Workshops Events and Retreats

Studio Kura 2022年 4/1(金) ドミニカ・芹ヶ野ワークショップ 福岡、九州 開始”こ こです。新たな発見と気づきを得る!中級スペシャルヨガ

【PART 1】立位ポーズや肩の動きなど土台の安定性を学び、逆転ポーズに向かうまでの練習方法を学びます。逆転ポーズを練習している方や、今から練習したい方におススメします!

シルシアーサナ・ピンチャマユーラーサナ・サルバンガアーサナなども 練習していきす!

【PART 2】ヨガ哲学の「ヤマニヤマについて」学びながら哲学を取り入れて、アーサナでは課題となりやすい「捻じり・前屈」を学びます。  




Coming in May!!

May 3rd 9:30-13:00 (3.5hr) Golden Week 1/2 Day Retreat with Dominica: Living Freely with Yoga details and registration see At Yoga

半日ヨガリトリート5月3日9:30-13:00 (3.5hr) At Yoga


Reconnect and Renew: Details coming soon!


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