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Shizen Yoga Studio

SHIZEN Yoga Studio was opened by Dominica Serigano in 2004 to bring quality yoga to the community and to create a better community through yoga with the help of a select group of qualified and experienced instructors.

At SHIZEN, our intention is to provide a yoga practice that facilitates good physical health, mental stability and expands spiritual awareness in a supportive, noncompetitive environment. Open daily, our schedule offers a wide variety of classes and levels to meet the diverse needs and abilities of students.

SHIZEN Yoga Studio is a short 4-minute walk from Kichijoji station.  Our spacious studio can accommodate classes of up to 25 students and workshops of up to 35. The studio is fully stocked with a large variety of quality props for each student to use including mats, blankets, belts, blocks, bolsters, and chairs.

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